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Antioxidants are compounds found in foods that neutralise or 'mop up' molecules called free radicals that can harm our cells.They are measured by 'Units' We need to get a daily minimum of 8-11,000 antioxidant units a day in our food just to stay out of oxidative debt.

A free radical is an unstable molecule, one whose naturally paired electrons have been split up . The remaining unpaired electron is highly reactive, seeking out another electron to pair with and become stable. The problem is, the electron it steals might come from a healthy cell in your body, leaving it damaged. Sources of free radicals include irritants, pollution, smoke, and UVA and UVB rays, as well as normal cell processes, like cell metabolism. Anne Chapas, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine, in New York City“Everyone’s body generates millions of free radicals every minute,” says internist Svetlana Kogan


Rank Food itemServing sizeTotal antioxidant capacity
per serving size

1  Small Red Bean (dried) Half cup  13,727

2  Wild blueberry  1 cup  13,427

3  Red kidney bean (dried)  Half cup  13,259

4  Pinto bean  Half cup  11,864

5  Blueberry (cultivated)  1 cup  9,019

6  Cranberry  1 cup (whole)  8,983

7  Artichoke (cooked)  1 cup (hearts)  7,904

8  Blackberry  1 cup  7,701

9  Prune  Half cup  7,291

10  Raspberry  1 cup  6,058

11  Strawberry  1 cup  5,938

12  Red Delicious apple  1 whole  5,900

13  Granny Smith apple  1 whole  5,381

14  Pecan 28g  5,095

15  Sweet cherry  1 cup  4,873

16  Black plum  1 whole  4,844

17  Russet potato (cooked)1 whole  4,649

18  Black bean (dried)  Half cup  4,181

19  Plum  1 whole  4,118

20  Gala apple  1 whole  3,903

WebMD Public Information from the United States Department of Agriculture


You can also use supplements to get your antioxidant daily dose.

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