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Tips on a healthy  lifestyle


If your wanting to lose weight and have tried numerous diets that has left you feeling hungry to the point where you have ended up binge eating then find yourself feeling like a failure and 'YUK' afterwards? Well relax as your not the only one that has done this.

What is your reason for losing weight? Lowering the risk of a chronic disease? Special occasion? Fed up with being tired and no energy? Well what ever the reason is, follow these tips and be on your way.

  • Eat five  meals a day with your snacks "as snacks" not another full meal and include protein in every meal. For example a small tub of greek yogurt with 1 Tbsp. of a veda mix found at health food shops. Or a soy keto bar from the shake it program. Lunch could be 2 handfulls of salad including some chickpeas or vegetables and a palm size portion of meat or a protein substitute and a piece of fruit. This way your getting  your food groups.

  • Have a big glass of water or a cup of home made soup before main meals to help satify you when you start your weight loss journey as this will help fill you up.

  • Use a smaller plate. Our plates are getting bigger and bigger and so are our portion sizes.

  • Take 20 minutes to enjoy your meal. This is how long it will be before you start feeling full.

  • When using seasoning stay clear of table salt instead use Himalayan salt, also use fresh or dried herbs.

  • Drink 8 glasses of water during the day as this helps with weightloss, constipation and wrinkles.

  • Exercise within your ability. Being a personal trainer I can help you start an exercise program when your ready.

  • Plan Plan Plan .... otherwise your likely to wait until your hungry and grab anything!

  • Don't have foods that are processed in the cupboard. I know it's hard when you have children, but do you really want your children to have the same weight issues or chronic disease as you have when they grow up? There are so many healthy recipes that you can bulk make and freeze. If you want more information what to make I can help, contact me.

  • When eating out avoid deep fried foods, instead meals simular to the ones your having at home is the way to go. Stirfrys, steamed foods, lots of salad and vegetables dishes are the way to go and ask for sauce on the side. Halve your meal if it's a pub meal and stay clear from the salads in sauces at the salad bar or you can end up eating 1/2 your daily calorie intake just from that.

Your In Health

Natalie Smith

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